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Transportation Energy Institute

The Transportation Energy Institute is a non-advocacy research organization dedicated to studying transportation-energy. We consider “fuel” to be any type of energy being used to power a vehicle, and our research encompasses a breadth of issues affecting the vehicles and fuels markets.

Because of our non-advocacy approach, we are the most diverse organization in the fuels and vehicles markets. The Transportation Energy Institute creates a place in which stakeholders of all persuasions can come together to collaborate, share perspectives and commission objective research analyzing the challenges and opportunities facing the market.

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We offer fact-based reports on the trends, policies and innovations that impact all stakeholders, from those trying to make strategic business decisions to policymakers considering legislation and regulations affecting the energy and vehicles markets.

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Join our webinars, podcasts and interviews, as we meet with a wide variety of thought leaders in all aspects of the transportation industry.

TEI 2024

Our Annual Conference is May 13-15 in Minneapolis. The theme of this year’s conference is “Innovation for Sustainable Transportation.” The agenda encompasses all aspects of transportation energy.
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About Transportation Energy Institute

Now, more than ever, there is so much going on in the transportation industry and so many points of view and objectives. We recognize that there is not just one road to the future of energy, decarbonization and transportation. That’s why Transportation Energy Institute takes a pragmatic, and constant assessment to all energy resources and how they can reduce emissions.


Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

The importance of environment, social and governance (ESG) planning is growing by the day. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to vote on moving forward with ESG rules (March 21, 2022) that will impact publicly and privately held companies. Driven by investors and financial institutions concerned with climate change risks and equity disparities, ESG reporting is a data-driven program that demands transparency in metrics as well as corporate future goals.

Latest Transportation Energy Institute Research:

Our Transportation Energy Research Process

Our fact-based research is designed to use facts to answer questions about the transportation energy market.  The research is collaboratively peer reviewed by our Board of Advisors and/or Councils to ensure it presents objective analysis and is relied upon by decision makers in the transportation industry and government to help them reach more informed decisions.

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The Research Fund empowers the Board of Advisors to focus on the most important topics and answer the most relevant questions with the knowledge that funding is not a concern. Supporting the Research Fund of the Transportation Energy Institute will ensure that the organization continues contributing balanced and objective analyses of the critical issues facing the transportation energy sector.

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"We get to work with a broad group of people, whom I would not have met under normal circumstances, from different industries. Each brings a different perspective on the problems we’re facing in the industry.”
- Ron Sabia

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