Did you know Canadians are doing their part to achieve net zero every time they fuel their vehicles?

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Canada’s Transportation Sector, which are responsible for ensuring the economy runs smoothly and businesses have access to the goods needed by consumers and businesses alike, are working hard to achieve net zero as quickly as possible.

To achieve net zero, all clean-energy sources must be a commercially viable part of the solution. Through a strategic mix of biofuels, liquid synthetic fuels, renewable fuels, and clean-electricity vehicle-charging stations, Canada’s transportation sector is making net zero, net possible.

Our Mission

To cut through the noise and educate Canadians on the facts about how their vehicle and fuel choices are helping Canada achieve net zero.

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Net Zero, Net Possible

Net Zero, Net Possible is a national campaign by the Canadian Transportation Alliance that aims to raise awareness among Canadians about how their everyday transportation actions are contributing to Canada’s net-zero commitments, and educate Canadians about how an energy-agnostic approach that focuses on life-cycle emissions will make our net-zero future possible.

Road Chats

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