FUELS2021, the annual conference of the Transportation Energy Institute, is the transportation energy event to explore the critical issues facing the market and network with the most diverse set of stakeholders assembled at a single event. This conference dives deep into the topics you care about the most: expansion of the electric vehicle market and deployment of recharging infrastructure; the unique challenges associated with decarbonizing medium and heavy-duty vehicles; understanding the future of combustion engines and liquid fuels and more.

FUELS2021 provides you with the best opportunity to learn from invited speakers and, most importantly, from other attendees who are intimately involved in these topics. It is the one place to connect with experts from all facets of the transportation sector.


Tuesday, December 14

1:00 pm

The Path to Decarbonizing Transportation

  • John Eichberger, Executive Director, Transportation Energy Institute

No other topic is having a greater effect on the future of the transportation market than the global push to reduce carbon emissions. Leveraging insights from a series of research projects commissioned by the Transportation Energy Institute, our executive director will provide an overview of the decarbonization efforts, identify areas that require specific attention and set the stage for the discussions that will take place throughout FUELS2021.

1:45 pm Carbon Neutrality: Fleets     

  • Jeff Clarke, General Counsel and Director Regulatory Affairs, NGV America
  • Steve Hanson, Senior Director of Fleet Operations, PepsiCo
  • Parker Meeks, Chief Strategy Officer, Hyzon Motors

Medium and heavy-duty vehicles are critical to economic prosperity, yet they represent 24% of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Commercial fleets are being called upon by a variety of stakeholders, including their customers, to reduce their carbon emissions – but not all vehicles can achieve this objective with the same strategy. Our panel will explore the unique opportunities and challenges fleet operators face on the path to decarbonization and discuss the viable options that are being considered to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

3:15 pm Carbon Neutrality: Biofuels    

  • Scott Fenwick, Technical Director, National Biodiesel Board
  • Jim Ramm, Director of Engineering, EcoEngineers
  • Robert White, Vice President of Industry Relations, Renewable Fuels Association 

While significant global focus is directed towards transportation electrification, even in the most ambitious market adoption scenarios combustion engine vehicles will remain on the roads for decades. Leveraging lower carbon biofuel products may be the most effective way to reduce emissions from these vehicles in both the near and long term. Panelists will discuss the future of the biofuels industry and the ability of products like ethanol, biodiesel and other renewable fuels to contribute to the decarbonizing transportation.

4:15 pm Effective ESG Strategies

  • Jeff Hove, Vice President, Transportation Energy Institute
  • Ryan Scott, Vice President Risk Management and Sustainability Reporting, HBW Resources
  • John Veith, Director Investment Banking, Raymond James & Associates

The importance of environment, social and governance (ESG) policies is growing by the day. Financial institutions, government agencies, customers and employees expect and require companies to implement programs and demonstrate performance on these critical elements. This session will explore how ESG is evolving within the transportation sector, how different sectors may approach developing effective programs and how they can effectively and confidently demonstrate the progress they make in satisfying the demands of their constituents.

5:00 pm Welcome Reception
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Wednesday, December 15

9:00 am Keynote: Reimagining Transportation Technology
Kristen Call, Senior Industry Advisor for Retail, Banking and Hospitality, Intel

As the transportation sector evolves it relies significantly on technology, ensuring technology works together reliably and efficiently. The transportation evolution is also spurring new business models and close partnership between public/private entities to meet these changes. Intel is driving the technology innovation that enables more efficient, safer, and sustainable transportation experience for consumers. Kristen Call will share Intel’s vision for the future of transportation and how Intel works with virtually every sector in the energy value chain to enable all stakeholders to work together.

9:45 am EVs: Targeting Infrastructure 

  • Colin Bird-Martinez, Consulting Principal, Automotive Advisory Services, Americas, IHSMarkit
  • Cory Gordon, Director Transportation Electrification, Duke Energy Corporation
  • Kameale Terry, Co-Founder and CEO, ChargerHelp!
  • Aaron Young, Manager Commercial Networks, Electrify America 

Electrifying any portion of the transportation sector will require the deployment of a robust and reliable recharging infrastructure. How many chargers will be required, when and where should they be deployed, how will the system affect the grid and how can we ensure the system is working when drivers need it are key questions that all interested stakeholders are trying to answer. Our panel brings to this topic incredibly diverse perspective and expertise to help the market better understand how this will develop and operate.

11:15 am EVs: Targeting Consumer Behavior 

As the electric vehicle market expands, the demographic characteristics of the EV driver is expected to evolve from one dominated by first movers to one more reflective of the driving population at large. To build a market that supports these drivers, it is critical to understand and anticipate how consumers will use their EVs, when and where they will recharge their vehicles and what services and amenities they will expect from the market. Our panel will explore who the driver is and what they need and want from the surrounding ecosystem.

1:30 pm Future of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

  • Graham Conway, Principal Engineer, Powertrain Engineering Division, Southwest Research Institute
  • Eamon Cullinane, Senior Energy Consultant, Turner Mason & Company
  • Philip Guillemette, Senior Associate Consultant, Turner Mason & Company

There are more than 250 million registered light duty vehicles in the United States equipped with internal combustion engines and, in 2020, nearly 98% of new vehicles sold were so equipped. For medium and heavy-duty vehicles, the market share of ICE vehicles is even larger. On the path to decarbonization, addressing the emissions from these vehicles – both legacy and new – must be a priority. This session will explore the opportunities that exist and are being developed to reduce the environmental impact of these vehicles in the light, medium and heavy-duty segments.

2:45 pm The Cost of Transportation

  • Stephen Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Oil Products, Argus Media
  • Patrick Manzi, Chief Economist, National Automobile Dealers Association

The second half of 2021 saw the price of energy increase globally, with oil prices hitting the mid-$80 per barrel range for the first time in years. The global push to decarbonize the transportation system must be balanced with an eye towards the affordability of travel, for individuals as well as for the delivery of goods and services. As the world transitions to cleaner forms of energy and modes of transportation, how will these new initiatives affect the financial conditions of transport?  Our panel will explore the factors that have influenced the rise in oil prices, the fundamentals of transport economics and the overall impact on consumers.

4:00 pm Transportation Equity          

  • Shannon Baker-Branstetter, Director Domestic Climate Policy, Center for American Progress
  • Dr. Katie Kam, Assistant Professor of Research, Center for Transportation Studies University of Texas at Arlington

Transportation is a critical element to living and ensuring that all communities have equitable access to affordable and reliable transportation options is a high priority for society. Underserved markets in need range from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods to rural and remote communities to individuals who are unable to drive for various reasons but don’t have access to viable transit options – each community may have different needs and in search of unique solutions. This session will put a real face on the need for transportation solutions and discuss the variety of societal needs and the potential solutions that might be provided.

5:00 pm Networking Reception
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Thursday, December 16

8:00 am

Keynote:  The FedEx Experience
Russ Musgrove, Managing Director Global Vehicles, FedEx

Most stakeholders have responsibility for managing the operations of just a few vehicles or perhaps a fleet of vehicles of the same type. This is not the case for FedEx.  With a global fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles, ranging from local delivery vans to Class 8 trucks and everything in between, Russ Musgrove has to balance the priorities of reducing emissions in the most economically viable way possible. Musgrove will share his experience and perspective regarding the path to decarbonization and the variety of options that FedEx has brought to the effort.

8:45 am  Roundtable Discussion

  • Joe Butler, Senior Director, Pilot Company
  • Tammy Klein, Founder & CEO, Transport Energy Strategies & Transportation Energy Institute Electric Vehicle Council Chair
  • John Metz, Senior Director, Walmart
  • Ron Sabia, Transportation Energy Institute Chairman of the Board 

The Transportation Energy Institute is led by a diverse Board of Advisors with unique perspectives and points of view relative to the transportation sector. As FUELS2021 closes, this panel of leaders will reflect on what was learned this year, how the information that was shared influences their perspective and what they consider to be the next phase in market evolution.


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