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Join us to ensure our research projects are comprehensive, addressing the issues facing the market and accurately incorporating all perspectives of the changing fuels and vehicles landscape.


The Transportation Energy Institute draws on the collective expertise of our distinctive contributors to analyze the technologies of today, trends of tomorrow, and market impacts of drivers such as fuel regulations, consumer behavior and market fundamentals. As a contributor to the Transportation Energy Institute, you have the opportunity to lend your unique voice to our research and to help us deliver an exceptional product, all while being given exclusive access to our many benefits.

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The Transportation Energy Institute provides resources for specific segments of the transportation energy market. Currently, we manage the Medium-Heavy Duty Vehicle Committee and the Electric Vehicle Council.

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The Research Fund empowers the Board of Advisors to focus on the most important topics and answer the most relevant questions with the knowledge that funding is not a concern. Supporting the Research Fund of the Transportation Energy Institute will ensure that the organization continues contributing balanced and objective analyses of the critical issues facing the transportation energy sector.

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Even if you are not a Transportation Energy Institute contributor, you can still benefit from our expertise. Drawing from our own original research, insights gained from our diverse contributors, and our analysis of outside reports, the Transportation Energy Institute has a unique understanding of the transportation energy market that it wants to share with you.

We are pleased to offer various speaking engagements as well as customized workshops for interested organizations.

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