Accelerate your return on investment for installing and operating electric vehicle stations.

About The Charging Analytics Program

The Charging Analytics Program is the only industry-wide analytics program using confederated data to:​

  • Show trends and insights across the U.S. and Canada by region, state and MSAs​
  • Use broad data to compare different verticals and use-cases​
  • Use anonymized data to protect all stakeholders​

No one company has adequate data to give industry-wide insights – which is why, with industry cooperation, we can gain insights into the evolving EV charging market.


Center for Sustainable Energy ® (CSE) is a national nonprofit that accelerates adoption of clean transportation and distributed energy through effective and equitable program design and administration.

CSE develops, implements and promotes large-scale incentive programs for electric vehicles (EVs), EV chargers, energy storage and solar. We lead pioneering energy efficiency and microgrid projects. And we provide policy guidance, technical consulting, data analysis and visualization, and multicultural marketing, engagement and outreach.

Building on data and experience, we created Caret® – a proprietary forecasting, planning and program management software suite. We use Caret to design and administer incentive programs, pinpoint and prioritize optimal EV charger sites, and convert data to insights to get more impact from every dollar.


The Transportation Energy Institute (TEI) is a non-advocacy research organization dedicated to studying transportation-energy. We consider “fuel” to be any type of energy being used to power a vehicle, and our research encompasses a breadth of issues affecting the vehicles and fuels markets.

Founded by NACS in 2013 as the Fuels Institute as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit social welfare organization, the Transportation Energy Institute publishes fact-based research projects designed to answer relevant market questions, not advocate for any specific outcome. Our reports are geared toward all industry stakeholders – from those trying to make strategic business decisions to policymakers considering legislation and regulations affecting the fuels and vehicles markets.

Because of our non-advocacy approach, we are the most diverse organization in the fuels and vehicles markets. The Transportation Energy Institute creates a place in which stakeholders of all persuasions can come together to collaborate, share perspectives and commission objective research analyzing the challenges and opportunities facing the market.

Our partners are dedicated to promoting facts and providing decision makers with the most credible information possible, so the market can deliver the best vehicle and fuel options to consumers. This collaborative, non-advocacy approach ensures our products are both objective and reliable.

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Karl Doenges​
Executive Director​
Charging Analytics Program ​
Mobile: 512-639-7233​

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