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Charging Analytics Program

The most comprehensive resource for insights into the electric vehicle charging market in North America. 


About the Charging Analytics Program

The Charging Analytics Program (CAP) is designed to help accelerate the return on investment for those installing and operating electric vehicle charging stations. It will continually collect and aggregate data from a wide variety of sources to create benchmark analyses of different charging facility types and designs to enhance the success of all EV charging stations.

The program will also evaluate markets throughout the nation to determine when they might be ready to support additional charging stations, based upon dozens of market-based criteria.

Key Benefits

What does the Charging Analytics Program offer?

  • Provide guidance to help time market entry: capture sufficient customer traffic and allow for accurate market entry forecasting and preparation. CAP will identify trends and compare readiness and characteristics at different market maturation levels.  This will enable an ability to compare different verticals and segments and filter the dashboards to obtain an analysis for their specific market and needs. 
  • Capture and analyze the economic value of the EV charging customer: understand the underlying behavioral factors and dynamics for EV drivers, charging equipment, charging sessions and in-store sales. 
  • Provide benchmark data: to help site hosts reach informed decisions, optimize products and services as well as profits.
  • Provide guidance to the U.S. Government other AHJ’s:  to guide policy, funding decisions and enable industry standards.

Program Components

  • High level summary of charger performance analysis, market readiness just below state level.

  • Monthly summary of market developments aggregating various perspectives throughout the industry.

  •  Market updates and analyses of collected data with teasers of more granular analytical tools.

  • Summary analysis of collected charger-related data, organized by charger facility profile.

  • Summary of census track-level data, aggregated to geographic granularity.
  •  Access to regularly updated, pre-set analytical metrics based upon collected data from charger performance and market readiness.

  • On-Demand Data Analytics plus ability to create custom queries to analyze data per user-controlled parameters, including drop down weighting of factors for market readiness evaluation.

  • Queriable Database Access plus customized platform, customized pre-set analytical tools, upload personal enterprise data and create personalized benchmark analytics.

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Karl Doenges 
Charging Analytics Program Director

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