Accelerates the return on investment for installing and operating electric vehicle charging stations.

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Charging Analytics Program

The most comprehensive resource for insights into the electric vehicle charging market in North America.

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Capture and analyze the economic value of the EV charging customer for all stakeholders and enable EV/charging retail integration​

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We offer several types of reports to provide subscribers with the most up to date data about charger deployments and use and to evaluate the potential of these markets to support additional deployment.

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The Charging Analytics Program (CAP) accelerates the return on investment for installing and operating electric vehicle charging stations. Businesses get access to the latest aggregated EV market and charging deployment data across the U.S. and Canada plus insights on when, where and how EV chargers are being used. Reports and interactive maps that get down to the street level will help site hosts fine-tune their strategy for successfully entering the EV charging market.

CAP evaluates markets at the national, state/provincial, and local levels to determine when they might be ready to support additional charging stations based on data from a wide variety of sources to create benchmark analyses. CAP cross-references these insights with utilization data collected from EV chargers currently in operation to inform EV charging deployment decisions.

Key Benefits

What does the Charging Analytics Program offer?

  • Helps identify when and where to invest in EV charging. CAP identifies trends and provides forecasts and insights to help site hosts time their entry into the EV charging market and capture sufficient customer traffic. CAP enables users to compare and filter the relevant data to analyze specific markets and needs.
  • Captures and analyzes the economic value of the EV charging customer. Prospective EV charging site hosts will understand the underlying behavioral patterns of EV drivers and how this impacts charging equipment utilization, dwell time and the consequent relationship to in-store sales.
  • Informs site host decisions. With benchmark data, site hosts can optimize products and services for profitability.
  • Provides policy guidance. Governments and authorities having jurisdiction will be able to make data-driven decisions on EV charging funding, policies and standards.

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The Charging Analytics Program provides you with data and insights relative to geographic electric vehicle market maturity and EV charger demand and utilization performance at a level of detail that matches your needs. Our tiers start with a high-level summary of market dynamics and build progressively to add more granular regional analysis and EV charger performance data to provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Tier 1
State of the Market

Published Report Frequency – Biannually

Online Data Availability – Updated Monthly

This report evaluates the progress of the EV market over time and provides unique and valuable insights and analytics about the developing electric vehicle market.

Tier 2
State and Province Readiness

Published Report Frequency – Quarterly

Online Data Availability – Updated Monthly

This analysis will focus on both regional conditions as well as dive into greater detail regarding charger performance and utilization.

Tier 3
Benchmarking Analytics

Published Report Frequency – Quarterly

Online Data Availability – Updated Monthly

This tier offers more granular and robust data analytics with additional analysis on the most recent market conditions, observed trends and key insights available from the benchmarking analytics.

Tier 4
Full Access

Full Access subscribers will be given access to the full capabilities and data sets of the Charging Analytics Program’s mapping and knowledge base platforms.

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Charging Analytics Program State and Province Biannual Report

The State and Province Biannual Report serves as a comprehensive update on the progress and market readiness for public electric vehicle (EV1) charger deployments across the United States and Canada. Subscribers will gain insights into the strategic priorities for infrastructure development and will be able to identify high-opportunity regions for investment and deployment.

State and Province Public Charger Progress Ranking Brief

The Brief offers a critical analysis, providing a comparative snapshot of the growth and distribution of public charging infrastructure relative to the pace of electric vehicle (EV1) registrations across the United States and Canada.

Program Components

  • High level summary of charger performance analysis, market readiness just below state level.

  • Monthly summary of market developments aggregating various perspectives throughout the industry.

  •  Market updates and analyses of collected data with teasers of more granular analytical tools.

  • Summary analysis of collected charger-related data, organized by charger facility profile.

  • Summary of census track-level data, aggregated to geographic granularity.
  •  Access to regularly updated, pre-set analytical metrics based upon collected data from charger performance and market readiness.

  • On-Demand Data Analytics plus ability to create custom queries to analyze data per user-controlled parameters, including drop down weighting of factors for market readiness evaluation.

  • Queriable Database Access plus customized platform, customized pre-set analytical tools, upload personal enterprise data and create personalized benchmark analytics.

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Charging Analytics Program Director

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