Accelerates the return on investment for installing and operating electric vehicle charging stations.


All tiers in the Charging Analytics Program provide guidance via a customizable analytics dashboard and heatmapping tool to help time entry into the EV charging market to capture sufficient customer traffic for the best return on investment. The program supports prospective EV charger site hosts in forecasting market readiness, preparing for market entry, identifying trends, and comparing the readiness and characteristics of different geographic areas and business verticals and segments.

Choose the Tier that works best for you:

Tier 1

State of the Market

Cost – $0

Published Report Frequency – Biannually

Online Data Availability – Updated Monthly

This public report leverages dozens of data sources to provide a high-level overview of the state of the electric vehicle and charging market, including updates on the development, demand for and performance of EV charging infrastructure. Maps will rank states and provinces based on their level of EV market maturity and demand for EV charging infrastructure. National summaries of charger performance and utilization data will enhance understanding of the charging market as it develops over time.

Subscribers will have access to online maps and data sets that will be updated monthly and a biannual State of the Market Report that evaluates the progress of the EV and EV charging market.

Tier 2

State and Province Readiness

Cost – $2,500/year

Published Report Frequency – Quarterly

Online Data Availability – Updated Monthly

For interested subscribers, the Tier 2 State and Province Readiness program provides significantly greater insight into the developing market for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. In addition to the resources provided by Tier 1, Tier 2 includes more granular data and analysis on charger utilization and performance on a state and provincial level. Subscribers will also have access to an interactive map allowing them to focus on electric vehicle market maturity status and data for a specific geographic market in the United States and Canada. A quarterly report will include updated data sets, graphics, and tables, along with detailed analytics evaluating key market indicators and trends. This analysis will focus on regional conditions and dive into greater detail regarding charger performance and utilization.

Tier 3

Benchmarking Analytics

Cost – $10,000/year

Published Report Frequency – Quarterly

Online Data Availability – Updated Monthly

Created for subscribers looking for robust analytics on EV charging business opportunities in specific operating markets, Tier 3 represents the most robust program available from the Charging Analytics Program without having full customizable access. In addition to the resources provided in Tiers 1 and 2, Tier 3 subscribers will have online access to:

  • An interactive map showing the location of EV chargers in relation to different types of businesses (business verticals); the proximity of EV chargers to alternative fuel corridors, highway exit ramps and various points of interest, such as retail, quick-serve restaurants, grocers and numerous others; the level of EV registration within a state or province; the utilization of existing chargers within that state or province; and other key demographic and geographic market conditions throughout the United States and Canada.
  • An online electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) performance knowledgebase dashboard that provides aggregated on-demand, filterable data on charger performance and utilization, such as charger session duration, utilization by time of day, failed charge events, etc.
  • Data analytics grouped into specific market categories to enable benchmarking comparisons. This unique offer will profile a variety of market types based upon similar characteristics (such as population density, ratio of single-family homes to multi-unit dwellings, electric vehicle market maturity, etc.).  These market profiles can be used by subscribers to access charger performance analytics that are consistent among similar market types, enabling users to compare charger business opportunities and performance in markets that reflect similar characteristics to markets in which they might operate.

Subscribers will also receive a quarterly written report leveraging the more granular and robust data analytics available to Tier 3 with additional analysis on the most recent market conditions, observed trends and key insights.

Tier 4

Full Access

Tier 3 and 4 collage image

Cost –  $35,000/year for Founding Members with a 3-year commitment (Open Until August 31, 2024)

              $70,000/year after August 31, 2024

Full Access subscribers will be given access to the full capabilities and data sets of the Charging Analytics Program’s mapping and knowledge base platforms.

Mapping Tool:  Designed to find sites with the highest suitability for your specific EV charging goals or find existing sites that are optimal for replacement and upgrades. Users will be able to unlock the complete array of filtration options in the mapping interface with access to dozens of underlying data layers, providing the most robust analytical tool available on the market. Users will be able to see critical insights for all regions of the country, including EVSE locations, EV registrations, population demographics, major points of interest and various business verticals, among other features. For each Metropolitan Statistical Area profiled in the program (a list that will expand with time), users will be able to analyze the Suitability for EVSE Installation scores of specific geographic segments, which are presented in hexagonal plots that span approximately one mile in diameter. Each hexagonal region plot presents the user with dozens of insights relative to the EV market maturity and the demographic profile of that region that all contribute to that region’s specific suitability for additional EVSE installation.  Users will also be empowered to upload their own dataset, allowing them to plot their locations of interest and view that data in context with the data already embedded in the tool.

Knowledge Base Platform: Designed to give charging site performance benchmarks, insights, and trend analysis from continuously updated charging data from around the US. Users will also be able to filter without limitation the data sets in the charging performance knowledge base platform. This will unlock the value of the charger performance and utilization data collected by the Program. Users will be able to compare and analyze the data as they desire, allowing them to effectively compare their own data and analytics with the aggregated insights derived from the program. Data can be filtered by region, business vertical, time of day and then allow for further sub-segmentation – truly dial into the specific situation, use case or view you want to see.

The Mapping Tool and the Knowledge Base Platform work together to create the most robust data set available for the EV charging industry, and Full Access users will be able to customize the presentation of data to fit their interests and needs and obtain the analytics most relevant for their purposes.

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