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BPAMA Partners With ESG Integrity To Assist Its Members With Meeting New Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG) Demands

Transportation Energy Institute Press Release |  July 06, 2022

Alexandria, VA – ESG Integrity and the BP Amoco Marketers Association (BPAMA) announced today a partnership program to assist BPAMA members with meeting the growing demand for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) planning and reporting.

ESG planning and reporting is becoming a necessary tool in maintaining and developing supply chain relationships and meeting the demands of clients and lenders. Based upon newly proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and existing supply chain business demands, publicly traded companies will be required to develop ESG plans and goals. Under these plans, privately held companies, doing business with publicly traded companies, are already being required to do the same if they wish to maintain supply contracts.

This new partnership will provide guidance, support, emissions modeling, and online tools that create ESG reports for BPAMA members at significantly reduced costs.

BPAMA will closely collaborate with the ESG Integrity team to offer educational content so members can learn more about ESG content and determine if ESG reporting is appropriate for their organization. “We are planning a series of educational webinars, the first to begin in late July, so folks can better respond to client requests for ESG reporting and prepare for the potential new SEC rules. ,” states Jeff Hove, Vice President, Transportation Energy Institute. “One of our primary goals is to provide tools that help BPAMA members improve their employee and client relationships and create new business opportunities.”

ESG Integrity provides intuitive ESG reporting for transportation related companies, based on stakeholder input, careful analysis of ESG frameworks, transparent emissions modeling, and a desire to allow any size company the ability to begin the ESG journey.

“The proposed SEC rules have the potential to add a layer of complexity to member’s already hectic businesses,” states Jack Allard, Executive Director, BPAMA. “This will be met with cost effective solutions that can help improve their customer, community, and business relationships while meeting potential requirements. Determining what needs to go into an ESG plan and how to correctly calculate emissions is complicated. ESG Integrity will bring those solutions to the table.”


Since 1974, BPAMA has been the unparalleled leader in alliance between the Marketer and Supplier in the Petroleum Industry. The strength of BPAMA lies in the power of partnershipMarketers and BP coming together as collaborators to share business expertise, insights and shape the future for the BP branded business with the goal of achieving win-win opportunities.  BPAMA members influence strategy and program decisions impacting BP’s jobber channel of trade.  Programs are developed with Marketer’s input, strategic decisions are identified early, and creative approaches to problems and growth are explored.

About ESG Integrity
ESG Integrity, established under the non-profit Transportation Energy Institute, provides reporting solutions for the fuel and transportation industries under the current voluntary frameworks. The ESG Integrity solution provides guidance under multiple ESG frameworks while reducing costs associated with report creation. By tracking data and applying transparent methods of emission calculations, users can confidently prepare and share their ESG metrics internally and publicly. The ESG Integrity application has been developed and vetted by fuel and transportation leaders from Transportation Energy Institute and HBW Resources and is designed to adapt to changing demands and potential SEC rules. Details on ESG Integrity can be found here.

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