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Canadian Transportation Council


About The Canadian Transportation Council

The Canadian Transportation Council provides a venue for transportation stakeholders with operations in Canada to come together, evaluate the issues facing the Canadian market and seek objective insights to help address issues that are specifically affecting Canadians. The council further advises the TEI Board to support a broader North American analysis of transportation issues.

The Council was formed to continue to the great work of the Canadian Transportation Alliance. By leveraging the resources and relationships of the two organizations, the Council will be able to deliver enhanced value to the transportation sector within Canada specifically but throughout North America in general.

TEI and CTC will be working together – the Council will determine its own agenda and commission its own research, allocating resources appropriately. The Council will also provide insight to the TEI Board to support a broader geographic assessment of issues the Board wishes to study.

Council members are invited to serve on TEI research task groups to form the scopes of work for pending projects and, where appropriate and desirable, add a more Canadian-specific component to such research projects in addition to commissioning Canada-specific projects.

Council Members

Bob Larocque, who was Chair of the CTA, chairs the Council and serves on the TEI Board of Advisors. 

Genevieve Comtois, who has served on the TEI board for years and has spent her career working in the Canadian market, serves as Vice Chair.

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