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Transportation Energy Institute 10 Year Anniversary

“It’s time that we start taking ownership of the future of the fuels market and start leading the industries that are affected to make change for the positive.”

In the transportation space, 10 years seems like forever ago.

When we started the Transportation Energy Institute, we had an idea. We wanted to bring people together, foster collaboration and discussion, and deliver objective research and analysis to help leaders in business and government reach more informed decisions.

Today, there are more than 100 organizations engaged with the Transportation Energy Institute, ranging from oil companies all the way to electric vehicle companies. And the reason we’re able to gather such a diverse and inclusive group of stakeholders is because we don’t advocate for any one point of view. This creates an environment that is safe and welcoming, where stakeholders can share perspectives and explore innovative solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing the transportation sector today.

The transportation space has been really exciting over the past 10 years and there are some transformative developments on the horizon. We are looking forward to the next 10 years, and beyond, in continuing to tackle the issues facing the market and support its evolution in a sustainable way that will serve generations to come.


Transportation Energy Institute Kicks off 10 Year Anniversary with Executive Director John Eichberger:

More from the faces that make up fuels institute...

10 Year Throwback Report

In the summer of 2013, the Transportation Energy Institute Board of Advisors recognized that evaluating the future transportation fuels market required establishing a baseline from which to analyze potential changes.

To achieve this understanding, we commissioned Navigant Research to provide a forecast of the vehicles market through 2023. This 10-year timeline was chosen because it provides valuable near-term insight to the market, capturing approximately two generations of vehicle development (assuming the time for a vehicle to transition from concept to production takes roughly five years), but is not so far into the future as to be rendered unreliable.

We did not have a crystal ball, however, the opening paragraph said this:

“Innovation in the vehicles market is moving forward at a very rapid pace, but is that pace fundamentally changing the future composition of the fuels market? According to market forecasts completed for the Transportation Energy Institute by Navigant Research, the answer is “yes,” but only to a limited degree. Within the next 10 years, alternative fuel drivetrains will gain market share. However, traditional petroleum-powered internal combustion engines will continue to dominate.”

FOLLOW UP COMING SOON! Guidehouse Insights, who wrote the original report, is currently working on a 10 year retrospective to explore lessons learned from the past decade. Download the original report here.

Join us for our Fuels 2023 conference

Join us for our Fuels 2023 conference as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary and gather some of the smartest minds in our industry to discuss all aspects of the transportation sector. Find out more!

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