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May 13-16, 2024
 Minneapolis, MN

The theme of this year’s conference is “Innovation for Sustainable Transportation.”

 Recorded on August 23, 2023

This webinar is hosted by the Transportation Energy Institute along with Stillwater Associates LLC, a transportation fuels consulting firm who prepared our most recent report. The webinar will be an examination of the variety of options that can reduce GHG emissions from ICEVs, the viability and emissions reduction potential of each and the market, and regulatory challenges that must be overcome to realize this potential.

May 22-24, 2023
St. Louis, MO

The conference of the year for unbiased research and dialogue with key stakeholders in the energy sector that will reimagine the transportation industry.

  Recorded on March 22, 2023

In this free webinar, we dug into our recent MHDV Committee white paper, “Policy Considerations: Emissions Reduction Proposals Affecting Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles.”

  Recorded on November 16, 2022 

Join John Eichberger and Jeff Hove as they review and discuss two recent reports, EV Charger Deployment Optimization and A Best Practice Guide for EVSE Regulations.

Recorded on August 2, 2022 

Watch this free webinar to learn more about the effectiveness of emissions reductions through the use of various biofuels, based on our “Assessment of Biofuels Policy: Effectiveness of Emissions Reductions,” white paper. We also explored the conflict in current and proposed policies regarding the use of these biofuels. View webinar recording.

Recorded on July 28, 2022

Curious what sustainability means or looks like in travel and transportation? Want to know why it matters to you, to your community, to your organization Join our Heart+Mind Connections Roundtable to hear about the future of sustainable transportation. We’ll hear three different perspectives about where things are headed: policy, innovation, and infrastructure. View webinar recording.

Recorded on June 29, 2022

Join NAFA and ESG Integrity, a program developed by Transportation Energy Institute, to discover the importance of ESG planning, monitoring, and reporting on your fleet operations. Whether your fleet is a publicly traded company awaiting the proposed SEC ruling, municipality and other organization that currently does ESG reporting, or any organization that wants to calculate and track their emissions/emissions reductions, this webinar will provide all fleet managers with an outlook on the importance of ESG reporting tools and upcoming opportunities. Purchase webinar recording.

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