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Convenience Matters

Hosted by the Transportation Energy Institute and NACS, Convenience Matters brings you weekly podcasts talking all things convenience and fuels related. About half of the U.S. population stops at a convenience store every day. Hear what we’re seeing at stores and what the future may hold for the convenience retail industry.

What’s Driving Higher Transportation Costs?
February 21, 2022
Vehicle sales trends have massive implications for the economy and the future of fueling. What’s affecting sales now, and what could change in the next five years?

Reimagining an EV Charging Experience
December 06, 2021
A vehicle charging area can be more than just chargers in the parking lot corner. Consider a customer-centric experience to surprise and delight charging guests.

ESG Planning
November 29, 2021
Whether privately held, publicly traded or seeking access to capital, bankers and investors are asking companies for their ESG plan. What will you show them?

What’s Going on With Gas Prices?
November 22, 2021
What’s going on with gas prices? We have the answers.

Building an EV Infrastructure
October 11, 2021
The Biden Administration wants half a million EV charging units in the U.S. by 2030. Retailers, utilities, and other businesses are brainstorming how to make it happen on target and on budget.

2020 Fuel Leaders
August 02, 2021
The inaugural 2020 Fuel Leaders report, published by Fuels Market News and NACS and compiled by OPIS, tracks the performance of over 250 fuel retailers with a solid overview of the industry’s top 50 fuel operators. In this episode, we’ll talk about the methodology and analysis behind the rankings.

RINs, RFS and EVs: What they Mean to the Fuels Sector
May 31, 2021
A Renewable Identification Number, aka a RIN, is a credit that gets attached to every renewable fuel gallon that gets produced in the United States. In this episode, we’re going to talk about renewable fuels, what’s going on with the prices of RINs, how they relate to EVs and fuel demand.

Making EV Charging More Convenient
May 17, 2021
The U.S. electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is ramping up to keep up with EV owner demand. This innovative solution puts charging in the hands of vehicle owners…conveniently, of course.

It’s Electric!
April 05, 2021
Enough dancing around, it’s time to look ahead at the future of cars because an electric reality is coming quickly – very quickly if you live in places that mandate it soon like the UK. We’re talking about what the future might hold for cars, customers and travel.

Gas Prices in 2021
March 29, 2021
How did gas prices get where they are in 2021 and what are some long-term implications for where gasoline demand and prices are going over the next few years? All that and more on this week’s episode.

How Fuels Move Through the Pipeline
March 22, 2021
The Colonial Pipeline transports more than 100 million gallons of fuel each day from Houston, Texas, to the New York Harbor. Hear how refined product moves across this 5,500-mile system, and how it comes back online after a disaster strikes.

Outlook for 2021 Travel Patterns
January 25, 2021
From electric vehicle policy to emissions regulations, what will fuel travel look like in 2021? What will the incoming Biden Administration mean for travel and for vehicle sales in the U.S.

Vehicle Sales Outlook for 2021
December 14, 2020
Which vehicles will people be buying in 2021, what will they be doing and where will they be going with them?

Reimagining Transportation Trends in the U.S.
October 26, 2020
Where are people going and what are they doing in this next new normal? Finding that people make more purposeful store trips, do more outside activity and commute less, how can retailers adjust?

Hurricanes and Their Effects on Fuel Supply
September 28, 2020
Active hurricane seasons have the potential of disrupting the fuel supply. What more is in store for 2020?

Protecting the Industry One Tank at a Time
September 07, 2020
In this episode, we’re talking about the importance of the unseen things at convenience stores like teamwork, leadership and environmental protections.

Are Liquid Fuels Dead?
August 10, 2020
Electric vehicles are the exciting shiny object in the automotive world, but will they obliterate the market for combustible fuel engine vehicles?

What You Need to Know About DEF
July 13, 2020
Did you know that diesel cars and trucks need diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to operate? Selling high-quality DEF can help retailers grow sales and keep diesel customers moving.

Retailer Decision Making for EVs
June 30, 2020
There’s no doubt about it, electric vehicles are here to stay. While EVs are increasing in popularity, there are near-term challenges that have the potential to temper large-scale expansion.

Consumer Decision Making for EVs
June 29, 2020
85% of consumers think that EVs are the future of cars or are a very interesting idea. EVs present positive benefits to consumer but they’re still slow to get purchasing traction.

Utilities & Transportation Sector Work to Lower GHGs
May 26, 2020
California sees electric vehicles as an important component to improving air quality. Utility companies play an important role in supporting the transportation sector’s need to improve air pollution.

Coronavirus’s Impact on Fuel Supply and Demand
March 27, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented drop in oil demand around the world. What does this mean for fuel retailers – both in the short and long term?

Gauging Consumer Interest in Alternative-Fuel Vehicles
March 03, 2020
People have turned to Consumer Reports for decades for reliable, unbiased and well-tested recommendations for products, including cars. This week we talked about electric, crossover and ICE vehicles and what consumers want and what they’re really buying.

EV Infrastructure and Fuel Retailers
February 24, 2020
Over the past decade, electric vehicles have been a transportation hot topic. In this episode, we talk about customer trends, investing in electric vehicle charging equipment and if customers even want it.

Storage Tanks & Your Business
January 27, 2020
Customers trust that the fuel they’re putting in their vehicles is flawless, keeping their vehicle running smoothly and safely. And, station owners need to take proper steps to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of their storage tanks to eliminate corrosion and particles. Find out why proper maintenance for both is important.

Evolving to Alternative Fuel Sales
January 06, 2020
Vehicles and fuel types are evolving and some of those changes will come on rapidly in the new decade. How should retailers incorporate renewable, low carbon fuels into retail sales while still maximizing profit margins and competitive edge?

Increasing Fuel Options for Consumers
December 04, 2019
Liquid fuels continue to be the primary source of transportation power in the U.S. Hear where the liquid fuels market is today, what’s available and what’s next.

Educating Consumers to Care About Fuel Quality
November 04, 2019
Consumers generally don’t pay attention to the quality of gasoline they put into their cars. But, fuel marketers, the US EPA and the auto industry do.

Fuels by the Numbers
October 14, 2019
NACS collects a lot of sales data from retailers throughout the year. What are the metrics related to fuel sales, what do they mean for convenience stores and gas stations and what might they mean for drivers and consumers?

Listening to the Industry
September 23, 2019
NACS President & CEO Henry Armour shares his perspective of NACS, transportation, the convenience industry, customers and stores while looking back at his career at the helm of the convenience industry’s international association. With a cross-country road trip recently under his belt, he talks about the state of the industry and the future as he sees it.

The End of Car Ownership?
September 02, 2019
Reports allude to the idea that the end of personal vehicle ownership is inevitable; however, consumers have some say in that. Join us as we chat with Micah Muzio, Managing Editor, Video, of Kelley Blue Book and take a deeper dive into consumer purchasing trends.

Mexico’s Deregulated Fuels Market: Two Years Later
August 21, 2019
In 2017, price increases, poor fuel quality and shortages were all part of the growing pains for the Mexican petroleum market following the deregulation of the energy market. Two years later, has there been any improvement and is there a place for U.S. retailers to get involved?

Sustainable Cities & New Mobility
August 06, 2019
Clean Cities coalitions are transforming local transportation markets to implement alternative fuels, advanced vehicle technologies and fuel-saving strategies. With more than 80% of the U.S. population living inside the boundaries of Clean Cities and given convenience stores sell 80% of the nation’s fuel, hear how retailers can take advantage of available funds to assist in keeping the fueling infrastructure in-line with customer needs.

Gas Pump Disruption
July 16, 2019
As transportation trends evolve, will retailers follow government regulation or consumer demand? Hear the perspectives of two fuel retailing decision-makers and learn how market disruptions create business opportunities.

Keeping USTs Underground Where They Belong
June 17, 2019
Preparing for disaster – above and below ground – is critical for a gas station’s survival. Hear from U.S. EPA to prepare underground storage tanks for whatever may come their way.

What’s Driving Autonomous Vehicle Adoption
May 20, 2019 
Self-driving cars were supposed to be the next big thing, but might not be as close to reality as experts once thought. But, minor changes are well underway – advanced braking systems and lane assist in vehicles and ride sharing popularity show that drivers and passengers are willing to slowly forfeit driving control. What’s the scoop?

Analyzing Mobility & Busting Congestion With Smart Data
May 06, 2019
Avery Ash of INRIX provides insight into how people move, why the deployment of autonomous vehicles won’t solve all transportation problems and how retailers can use mobility analytics when choosing where to open new stores.

Should You Bet on Hydrogen Fuel
April 15, 2019 
Find out what role hydrogen is playing in the future of transportation. When will we see fuel cell vehicles expand nationally? What role will the heavy-duty vehicle market play?

When do People Buy Gas?
Apr 1, 2019 
According to consumer surveys, older Americans buy gas in the middle of the weekday and working women buy gas on their way home in the evening. Hear other fun facts about consumer fuel purchasing behavior and how that translates to marketing and sales for convenience stores.

How Technology is Changing Transportation in Cities
Mar 18, 2019
Becky Steckler of Urbanism Next explores the not-too-distant future of transportation in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. How will innovation change how consumers interact with transportation in urban areas?

Challenges and Successes With Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs
Mar 4, 2019 
LCFS programs are intended to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by lowering the average carbon intensity of transportation fuels used in a given geographical area. What effects could such programs have on consumers and other end users?

IMO 2020: Disruption or Opportunity for Fuel Retailers
February 22, 2019
New regulations by the International Maritime Organization requires changes in diesel fuel production which will ultimately have an effect on retail diesel prices. What does this mean for your business?

Evolving Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
February 04, 2019 
The electric vehicle market is evolving to allow for faster charge times but is the charging infrastructure keeping up? As more consumers purchase EVs both in urban and suburban areas, fuel retailers need to be aware of the current charging technology as well as anticipate what’s to come.

Globally Charging Ahead With Electric Vehicles
January 14, 2019 
The total number of electric cars on the road has surpassed 3 million worldwide and Norway is the world’s most advanced market for EV sales. Hear how retailers can keep up and look to the future for this increasingly popular vehicle choice.

Fueling Responsibly
January 07, 2019 
Convenience stores sell 80% of the gasoline in the U.S. As liquid fuels, vehicle and customer needs evolve and as electronic vehicles grow in market share, retailers need to keep up with the changing times. Hear from two of the preeminent fuel retailers in the industry about their preparations for the future of fueling.

Bringing New Fuels to Market
December 18, 2018 
As liquid fuels, vehicle and customer needs evolve and as electronic vehicles grow in market share, retailers need to keep up with the changing times.

Are Gas Stations Ready for Vehicle Fuel Economy Changes?
November 12, 2018 
As vehicle fuel efficiency improves, consumer visits to gas stations are likely to decline. What can retailers plan for in order to reduce their reliance on fuel sales?

Electrify Gas Stations of the Future
October 15, 2018 
Electrify America is looking to build a national network that will enable electric vehicles to traverse the country. Hear how gas stations and convenience stores can prepare for the EV future.

On-Demand Gas Delivery
October 01, 2018 
Mobile fuel delivery isn’t new, but it sure is catching on quickly with mobile consumers. We talked with Scott Hempy from Filld on why fuel on-demand can be both opportunity and competition for traditional gas stations.

Redefining the Convenience of Delivery
September 17, 2018 
Big brown UPS trucks are a common sight on American roads and a lot of forward thinking is happening at UPS as urban centers, e-commerce and customer expectations evolve. Hear from Tom Madrecki who leads partnerships between UPS and city leaders to reduce congestion, increase quality of life and shape policy.

Vehicle Charging at Gas Stations
September 03, 2018 
Take a deeper dive into the intersection of transportation, convenience and utilities with Erika Meyers of SEPA in this follow-up episode. How can convenience retailers play a role in transportation infrastructure for electric vehicles?

Fueling Natural Gas Growth
August 06, 2018 
When we think of gas stations, we think of petroleum. But, natural gas is quickly rising in popularity, especially for truck and commercial fleets, because of its flexibility and environmental benefits. Find out how natural gas is making its mark on the future of fuels.

Fueling Change
July 09, 2018 
At the Transportation Energy Institute FUEL2018 Annual Meeting, fuels expert Tammy Klein looks in her crystal ball to see how regulations, politics, vehicle and technology improvements affect fuels, cars and consumers.

The Effects of More Electric Vehicles on Utilities
May 21, 2018 
Can the electric power infrastructure handle the rapid growth in electric vehicle usage in the US? Hear how utility companies are preparing for increased energy usage anticipated by 2030.

Slow Evolution of Fuels Market Expected
April 16, 2018 
According to the Transportation Energy Institute, the vehicles and fuels market will evolve slowly without the influence of a strong external factor, such as policy or regulations. What does this mean for gas stations?

Global Initiatives on Fuels and Vehicles
April 02, 2018 
Countries around the world are racing to phase out gasoline and diesel vehicles. What does this mean for fuel retailers?

Inside the Minds of Today’s Car Customer
March 19, 2018 
What consumers think doesn’t translate into what they’ll purchase at the dealership. Join us as we chat with Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director/Strategic Analytics of Edmunds and take a deeper dive into consumer purchasing trends.

Autonomous Cars, Holograms, Big Brother and Hackers
February 05, 2018 
The International Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Hear what CES had on display from the latest trends in vehicles to technology and gadgets designed to make life more convenient.

New Vehicle Technologies and Urban Design
January 15, 2018 
Emerging technologies are having profound effects on how we live, move and spend our time in cities, but also increasingly on urban form and development itself. Listen in as we discuss the secondary impacts of emerging technologies on urban design and transportation.

Gas Prices: Causes and Consequences
January 01, 2018 
Oil prices heavily influence the price of gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations. How can you anticipate this to better serve your customers?

Dispensing Advice with Leaders of PEI
Nov 13, 2017 
Hear from the leaders of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) about issues important to the equipment industry, fuel retailers and general public customers. Topics covered include data security, fuel dispensing technology, international engagement, and consumer protections.

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