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Medium-Heavy Duty Vehicle Committee

The Easiest and Hardest Commercial Vehicles to Decarbonize is the first report released by the Transportation Energy Institute that is specifically aimed at exploring the unique challenges the medium-heavy duty market faces with respect to decarbonization.

Based on the intense interest we have received on this report and on the subject matter in general, the Transportation Energy Institute is officially launching a committee dedicated at exploring more research on this topic. Our medium-heavy duty vehicle committee will collaborate to recommend specific research projects for the Transportation Energy Institute Board to approve and commission. The committee will also help oversee and review any research done in the medium-heavy duty space.

Any contributor to the Transportation Energy Institute is welcome to join at no added cost. The Committee will have separate meetings and communications to drive discussion and shape research.

If you are interested in joining, please contact or Director of Research, Amanda Appelbaum.

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Electric Vehicle Council

The Transportation Energy Institute Electric Vehicle Council will answer stakeholder questions, eliminate confusion and provide guidance for success relative to the installation and operation of retail electric vehicle charging stations through stakeholder collaboration, objective research and market education.

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