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Charging Ahead: Grid Planning For Vehicle Electrification

Date: Jan 15, 2024 PDF: 4 MB

Through collaboration and coordination, Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) addresses the technical challenges associated with integrating multiple energy systems to enable clean, reliable, and affordable energy systems worldwide.  Without the energy systems integration perspective, the full potential of renewable energy will never be reached.

This report was created by the ESIG, who brought together a task force including grid planners, vehicle and charge station manufacturers, charging network operators and aggregators, regulators and state offices and others to discuss ways that planning practices can evolve to keep pace. The result is a national-level examination of transportation electrification challenges that impact integrated distribution planning.

The report’s primary audiences are utilities, utility regulators and other state decision-makers, EV manufacturers, charge station operators, aggregators, and other technical experts. It explores the challenges of grid planning for electric vehicles; describes roles for existing processes, customer-collaborative processes, and proactive multi-stakeholder processes in enabling vehicle electrification; and outlines four priority actions that can be taken today.

Executive Summary


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