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Fuel for Thought: John and Jeff Talk About the History of Biofuels

Fuel for Thought: John and Jeff Talk About the History of Biofuels│June 15, 2022   

Consumer Perspective and It’s Impact on Efforts to Decarbonize | Episode 49

Carpool Chats Podcast | May 17, 2022   We will not be able to influence the environment through vehicle and energy options if consumers do not ...

FUELS2022 Preview With Keynote Speaker, Stephen Hightower | Episode 48

Carpool Chats Podcast | May 10, 2022   Stephen Hightower is the Chief Operating Officer of Hightowers Petroleum Company – a leading energy supplier in North ...

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Takes the Spotlight | Episode 47

Carpool Chats Podcast |  April 26, 2022 Increasing demands from investors, consumers, and policymakers make ESG pursuits a timely and fiscally responsible consideration. Without adequate ESG ...

Meeting the Transportation Needs of Rural Markets – A Conversation With Growmark | Episode 46

Carpool Chats Podcast | April 12, 2022 Rural America makes up almost 20% of the population in the United States. That 20% is on 97% of ...

What’s Going On With Fuel Prices? | Episode 45

Carpool Chats Podcast | March 29, 2022 Elevated and volatile oil prices are gaining headlines throughout the world and imposing higher transportation costs on consumers. To ...

Advancements in Engine Technologies and Liquid Fuels | Episode 44

Carpool Chats Podcast | March 15, 2022 Electrification is coming, but internal combustion engines will remain a large portion of the ground transportation fleet for many ...

LCA Report Review With Kelly Senecal | Episode 43

Carpool Chats Podcast | March 01, 2022 In January, the Transportation Energy Institute published the report, “Life Cycle Analysis Comparison: Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles,” ...

Decarbonizing With Biofuels | Episode 42

Carpool Chats Podcast | February 15, 2022 Reducing carbon emissions from the U.S. transportation section will be a challenge requiring the utilization of a range of ...

EVC Charging Infrastructure – Optimizing Deployment | Episode 41

Carpool Chats Podcast | February 01, 2022 The Biden administration has announced a goal to deploy half a million EV chargers by 2030 – but how ...

EV Charging Equipment Installation – A “How To” Guide | Episode 40

January 18, 2022 Deciding to install EV charging equipment on your property is a huge decision. Obviously, you need to think about the business case ...

Decarbonizing Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles | Episode 39

January 04, 2022 There is incredible diversity among the types of vehicles and use-cases in both the medium-duty class and heavy-duty class which must be ...

Life Cycle Emissions of Combustion Engine Vehicles vs. Electric Vehicles | Episode 38

December 21, 2021 In 2022, the Transportation Energy Institute will release a report comparing the life cycle carbon emissions of electric, combustion and hybrid vehicles ...

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with ICF | Episode 37

December 10, 2021 The Transportation Energy Institute will publish a report in early 2022 analyzing the efficacy of programs and policies aimed at supporting the ...

The Case for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) | Episode 36

December 06, 2021 Financial institutions are driving an environmental, social and governance (ESG) movement, conditioning investment decisions and adjusting access to capital terms based upon ...

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