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Heather Killough | Board Spotlights

October 16, 2020 Interview with Heather Killough, Energy Industry Principal, DTN. Board Spotlights, a series created to highlight the Transportation Energy Institute’s diverse board of ...

Transportation Solutions for All | Episode 13

October 08, 2020 Too expensive, not reliable and not made for everyone. Electric vehicles have long been seen as out of reach and inconvenient. Is ...

World’s Largest Renewable Fuels Plant | Episode 12

October 02, 2020 On August 12, 2020, Phillips 66 announced plans to reconfigure its San Francisco Refinery in Rodeo, California, to produce renewable fuels. The ...

Sustainability in a Carbon Market | Webinar

September 29, 2020 We take a closer look at our existing refined petroleum sources that account for the majority of fuel on US roads and ...

Environmental Health of Underground Storage Tanks | Episode 11

September 16, 2020 The health and environmental cleanliness of underground storage tanks has a long term effect on not only retailers but the entire community. ...

Deploying EV Chargers at C-Stores | Episode 10

September 04, 2020 C-stores looking to deploy DC Fast Chargers face multiple challenges, including the cost to deploy infrastructure, cost of energy demands, finding the ...

The EVolution of Transportation Energy | Episode 9

August 25, 2020 COVID-19 had an adverse impact on fuel retailing during the second quarter 2020. Has it changed the projected acceleration into the electric ...

State of Transportation Energy and Vehicle Electrification | Research

August 23, 2020 Alternative powertrains including electric vehicles (EVs) are entering the market at a rapid pace, but it could take decades for these new ...

COVID-19 Impacts on Fuel Retailing in the UK | Episode 8

August 06, 2020 Although a rebound in customer demand is evident, the outbreak of COVID-19 had an adverse impact on fuel retailing during the second ...

The End of Urbanization | Episode 7

July 21, 2020 COVID-19 has show how fragile and vulnerable civilization still is. One in particular bears rethinking: our ever-growing urban concentration and dependence on ...

The Future of Petroleum Field Service | Episode 6

July 14, 2020 Jeff Hove knows that retail fuel operators are under enormous pressure to stay compliant in numerous areas. Many are focused on applying ...

Impact of COVID-19 on the Electric Vehicle Market | Episode 5

June 26, 2020 John Eichberger investigated the future growth trajectory of the electric vehicle market in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. He was ...

Volvo LIGHTS Project | Episode 4

June 11, 2020 Jeff Hove, took a deep dive into the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles through the Volvo LIGHTS project. This project looks to provide ...

Electric Vehicle Adoption: Focus on Charging | Research

June 01, 2020 An evaluation of the electric vehicle market from the consumer perspective, including total cost of ownership, recharging infrastructure requirements, anticipated consumer recharging ...

Auto Sales in the Midst of COVID-19 | Episode 3

May 28, 2020 We spent some time with an old friend, Steve Schmith of Automotive News to evaluate the current and future outlook of vehicle ...

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