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Hybrid Theory

John Eichberger | May 7, 2021 The first hybrid vehicle introduced to the United States debuted 22 years ago – the Honda Insight. The following year,

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On the Road Again

John Eichberger | March 15, 2021 If the global priority with regards to the transportation sector is to reduce carbon emissions, then putting all our eggs

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The More Things Change

John Eichberger | January 29, 2020 As we begin a new decade, I will predict that the transportation market at the end of 2029 will look

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Electric Avenue

John Eichberger | November 25, 2019 I have been holding off using this song for this column for nearly two years, because it always seemed so

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You Might Think

John Eichberger | September 25, 2019 There are so many story lines affecting the transportation energy sector, and so many diverse opinions about where the market

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John Eichberger | July 22, 2019 There is a sharp difference between what we want to see and what we actually see, especially when we are

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Rock the Casbah

John Eichberger | May 1, 2019 Whenever we think about what the future of transportation energy might be, we must consider the influence of the oil

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Wind of Change

John Eichberger | November 26, 2018 Without a doubt, there is significant momentum behind the electrification of transportation. Just open any newspaper (or more accurately click

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